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Oga Onsen Village. Tohoku Akita Japan
Seiko Grand Hotel, Oga Onsen Village (Akita Tohoku Japan)

Kitaura-yumoto, Oga, Akita, Japan
service time 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Healing and Relaxation
at any time


Free-flowing from the source. Warm your mind and body with our specialty hot water for beautiful skin.

An open-air bath where you can enjoy the scenery of the season, and an indoor bath where you can stretch out your limbs and relax. Please relax and enjoy the effective hot springs of Oga Onsen, which has a high moisturizing effect and is also called 'Netsu-no-Yu'.

Guest rooms

We offer a variety of room types to meet your needs.

All rooms face the sea side, and you can choose from Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western style rooms, large rooms for groups, luxury Japanese-modern Western-style rooms, and rooms that can be used at reasonable prices, depending on your style of use. You can choose your room.


Hospitality dishes using seasonal ingredients from Oga and Akita.

To your heart's content, you can enjoy fresh seafood from Oga such as Hatahata and Madai, dishes made with Akita brand ingredients such as Hinai chicken and Akita beef, and traditional local dishes such as Hatahatazushi, Kiritanpo, and Iburigakko. Please enjoy.


With scenic nature Namahage Experience the cultural climate of Oga rooted in folklore.

Natural scenery such as Nyudozaki, Godzilla Rock, Unshoji Temple, which is famous as a hydrangea temple, Namahagekan where you can experience and experience the world intangible cultural heritage Namahage, Oga Shinzan Denshokan, Akagami Shrine Goshado, etc. There are various attractions scattered around.

Kitaura-yumoto, Oga, Akita, Japan

Seiko Grand Hotel

About 1.5 hrs from Akita Sta. on the JR Oga Line / in-house shuttle bus
About 1.2 hrs by rental car from Akita Airport

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Recommended as an accommodation base for the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains / Gono Line Resort Shirakami


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