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Fresh and lively seafood
Impressive taste with each chopstick


Oga's Ishiyaki cuisine; stone boiled seafood soup

Oga's Ishiyaki cuisine; stone boiled seafood soup

The hospitality of Oga people has created the Oga’s speciality which you can enjoy with your eyes, ears and taste.

In the olden days, fishermen who operated wooden boats on the rough shores of Oga would put their catch of fish, seaweed, and green onions into tubs filled with water, and then throw pebbles into the tubs, one after another, which were heated over the charcoal fire in the brazier on board until they were bright red, and stew them all at once.
In 1963, the Oga Hotel started serving isoyaki as a tatami room dish for groups of people, in order to provide tourists with a taste of fisherman's cuisine, which is cooked in a rough and unrestrained way but has an exceptional taste with the broth of fresh seafood. The name of the dish was changed to Ishiyaki ryori, and it has become a specialty of Oga.
Oga’s speciality which you can enjoy with your eyes, ears and taste, which was born from the hospitality of the Oga people, who want to make visitors to Oga even more happy by letting them enjoy in front of their eyes the dynamic performance that boils up instantly with sound and steam.

This may be an additional option depending on your plan, so please check when you make your reservation. If you choose the "Ishiyaki Cooking Plan", please note that we may have to cook the food for everyone in the same room at the same time in order to make the food more delicious.
When provided as an additional option: 1 tub for 4 persons: 8,800 yen, 1 tub for 5 persons or more: 2,200 yen per person *Tax included.

Additional dishes to add color to the party

Please select options such as additional dishes when you make your reservation. The options vary depending on the plan, so please check when you make your reservation.


For breakfast, we offer a wide variety of Japanese and Western breakfast buffets, using mainly Akita ingredients. We will provide you with a delicious and enjoyable time, including coffee after meal.

Breakfast time: 7 - 9 a.m.

Please note that the set menu may change depending on the situation. Please understand in advance.
In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, we are currently only serving Hakozen or Japanese set meals. Thank you for your understanding.


Banquet Information

From the large and medium banquet halls to the convention hall ""Hanamizuki"" that can accommodate up to 200 people, we can provide you with a space that meets your needs. The calm space isolated from the hustle and bustle is ideal for conferences, training sessions, meetings, and celebrations. Please feel free to contact us if you are planning a banquet or conference.