Language English
Kitaura-yumoto, Oga, Akita, Japan
service time 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Free Wi-Fi throughout the building
Barrier-free, people-friendly inn


The entire building is equipped with free Wi-Fi, including guest rooms. You can use the internet freely (please check the front desk for information on connecting).

In addition, as a facility registered under the Silver Star system certified by Zen Tabiren, the hotel has a wheelchair with as few steps as possible and a barrier-free design for the elderly, so you can use it with confidence (see here for details).

• Capacity / 336 people • Number of guest rooms / 63 rooms (Main Building 22, South Building 25, East Building 16)
• Hot spring open-air bath / 1 for men and women • Large hot spring bath / 1 for men and women • Sauna / 1 for men and women
• Private dining room / 6 restaurants, 10 "Fukujutei" • Coffee lounge "Hanaikada" • Night pub "Liberter" • Relaxation corner
• Large banquet hall / 3 rooms (180 tatami mats) • Medium banquet hall / 3 rooms (120 tatami mats) • Convention hall (meeting 200 people, party 100 people)

This hotel is a registered facility of Silver Star certified by All Travel Federation.

What is the Silver Star System?

It is the title of an inn that aims to create an inn that responds to an aging society.

The need for elderly-friendly accommodation is increasing. There is a need for more accommodations where the elderly can stay with peace of mind, such as ordering food that requires consideration for health, making facilities barrier-free, and hospitality in the event of an emergency.
Under such circumstances, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, all travel associations have been promoting this system since 1993 with the aim of developing and increasing facilities that are comfortable for the elderly to use.

What kind of inn is registered

With the aim of creating accommodation facilities that are friendly to the elderly and easy for everyone to use, the standard is to be an inn that meets certain standards in terms of facilities, services, and cooking.

Main barrier (free) information

There is a slope at the entrance. In addition, there are no steps to the entrance, lobby, and public bath. The steps in the large communal bath are suppressed as much as possible, and handrails are also provided. Wheelchair-only toilets are also available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns.